Autumn News

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to the latest newsletter, it’s a bit long but there is a lot to report!

Firstly a reminder that CRN is your club and we would really like your views on a few things so that we ensure that we are meeting the needs of the members.

Please click here to take part in a quick one minute survey.

Hi-viz and torches

Now the clocks have gone back it is essential that you wear your hi-viz when you come to running club. We have a few spare hi-viz tops that can be borrowed in an emergency. Can we also request that all runners in the 4, 5 and 6 mile groups bring a torch/head-torch to the Monday runs – this means that we can get out into the country lanes and not be limited to running the streets of Crediton.

Committee members

At the AGM the following people were nominated/coerced into being on the committee for CRN.
Chair:  Julie Box
Vice-Chair:   Dan Law
Secretary: Karen Limon
Treasurer:   Adam Box
Membership secretary:   Helene Bond
Welfare Officer: Nancy Dowling
Other Committee members: Amy Kemp; Tracy Mellor; Jacqui Northfield; Emma Peake; Hayley Rice; Rowena Slyfield; Jacky Theedom; Jessica Wonnacott.

These people give up their time voluntarily to run the club for you so thank you to all of them. A lot of work goes on in the background to enable the club to operate. If you ever have any points you would like to raise please speak to any member of the committee or email the club using the contact us page on the website.

We also have a social committee AKA: The Ministry of CRN Fun made up of Sarah Ford, Stephen Gooding, Dan Law and Jessica Wonnacott.

Beginners Course

The current very successful beginners course is due to complete on the 14th November. The beginners will take part in a CRN organised 5k run on that evening. We would love to have as many of the club as possible come along to support them. The 3-4 mile group will run the 5k with the beginners. The 5-6 mile group will run as normal but aim to be back at the leisure centre to cheer everyone in as they finish their 5k. Afterwards the group are planning to go to Wetherspoons in Crediton, and all CRN members are welcome to join them to help celebrate graduation to being full CRN members who will then be joining in with the other club runs. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank the fabulous beginners course leaders for their dedication and enthusiasm, and a well done to all those taking part.

From The Ministry of FUN:

CRN Monthly Munch

This is the first official organised event by the new Ministry of FUN. This will take place at Wetherspoons in Crediton on Thursday 29th November from 18.00 – which is curry night. Please let any of the Ministry of CRN Fun committee know if you plan to come along or if you have access to the facebook page Chatting, Running and Nonsense where you can take part in the survey about Monthly Munch events.

Christmas Party

Save the date!
Friday 14th December at Downes Crediton Golf Club. Those of you who have come along in the last two years will be pleased to hear that we have been able to book this lovely venue again. There will be food and a disco, and we will ask for £5 deposit to secure your place. Again the dress code is smart and sparkly, and as Christmassy as possible!! It also may snow again at midnight…….!!! Look out for further news about this but for now, put the date in your diary!

London Marathon Place

We are allocated one London marathon place as a UKAA affiliated Running Club. We hold a ballot for this place. To be considered for the ballot for the CRN place you must pass the following criteria:

Have been a member of CRN since September 2017 or earlier
Have evidence of being rejected from the London marathon official ballot for the 2019 marathon
Have run a half-marathon in Autumn 2018
Be prepared to train with CRN for the marathon
Be prepared to raise a minimum of £250 for the CRN nominated charity

If you feel that you fulfil these criteria please email Julie (either through the email address on the website or on her personal email address : with your personal details.

Club Fees – a change to an inclusive Annual Fee.

Starting in April 2019 there will be a one-off annual fee of £40 to be a running member of CRN. This fee will cover annual membership of CRN, affiliation to UKAA and all club runs throughout the year. £40 represents excellent value and works out at under 80p a week.

In March you will be sent a new membership form and details of how to pay. After April there will no longer be a need to find a £1 for each run that you join in – it is all included in the £40. The UKAA affiliation is of benefit to everyone. Some of the benefits include: Discounts at running events (usually £2 off entry fees); insurance and free legal aid for any running incidents when running with CRN; access to information regarding running via the website; exclusive offers and discounts from commercial partners. The Club gets lots of benefits from the UKAA including public liability insurance, coach development opportunities and access to lots of support with regards to running a club. The annual fee for this affiliation is £15 per runner and this will be covered by your £40 fee. The Club also pays £100 to have the club affiliation in addition to the fee for each individual runner. Again this £100 will be covered by your £40 fee.

Look out for a further email near to the end of the current membership year, in March 2019.

New Kit and Rules regarding racing as an Affiliated Member of CRN

We have some new kit which we will be launching soon. Details and prices will be on our website in due course. The kit includes vests, tee-shirts and hoodies. We are also looking to get official CRN shorts, running jackets and hi-viz’s. Keep an eye on the website for more details when the new kit is launched.

If you are racing using your affiliation to CRN you must wear an official CRN top (this can be a vest or tee-shirt) and must be in the official club colours (black with gold writing). What this means is that you are stating when entering an event that you are running as a Crediton Running Network member. When this is the case you must wear the club top. We have lots of old versions available if you would like to make a contribution to the club and get an official club top for events. When the new kit is launched you will still be able to race in previous versions provided it is black and gold, bearing the official logo.

CRN is your club

Please remember that CRN is your club and we want to ensure that we cater for everyone. If you have any comments about the club please talk to one of the leaders or the committee members. Please take part in the survey mentioned above and let us have your views.

Lastly, please email through the website your news from events and photos you’d like to share. Not all of our members have social media accounts and we’d like everyone to share in each other’s achievements. We’d also like to keep the website up to date with new photos too! Check out the contact form on the contact us page. Thank you.

Happy running!