Darker Evenings

The evenings are getting darker  much earlier now so please wear your high visability tops, preferably the ones with some reflective elements on so you can been seen in the low light conditions for the club runs.

There are all kinds of high viz items for runners that include clip on lights, snap on bands, trainer lights, gilets, jackets and so on. Some runners like to carry a small hand torch – it’s up to you – but at the very least please wear a reflective vest or something over your normal t shirt.

All groups will be going out into the lanes after the clocks change – on the first Monday run of the month when a head torch is also required. Please remember to bring one for your own safety.

Some leaders may do dark lane runs on demand – so keep an eye on Facebook, emails and the website for updates before any run! September 25th is one of those evenings when the 6 mile (Creedy) group is planning a dark lane run, and there has also been some interest from the 5 mile (Teign) group, so bring along your torches for those runs.

Happy (and safe) running!