Crediton Crunch 2015

Crediton Crunch 2015 results

Lovely run with a super flat first mile or so, and we managed to get home in time to miss the downpour! Here are the results for all finishers.

Rtf version: you should be able to open this file Crediton Crunch results 2015 in any word processor. Click to download.

Pdf version: Crediton Crunch results 2015

Flyer 2  Here is the new route for the 2015 Crediton Crunch. More off road than last year including some scenic stretches of Shobrooke Park.  Please note that some parts of the course are not public rights of way so not all of the route can be run in advance of the race itself. Run route A map showing the wider area is here Crediton Crunch route

Crediton Crunch 2014 results

What a great run! Here are the results for all finishers. Click to download. You should be able to open the file in any word processor. Crediton Crunch 2014 Results

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